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  • SVOCA website restructured

    Fellow SVO Enthusiasts,

    After a lot of thought and discussion, The SVO Club of America has decided to restructure it's online forum to be a Member Only benefit. Recent incidents involving individuals focused on undermining our club have forced us to protect what we've spent years building. There has been direct mining of information and use of the forum and it's features by those individuals who are attempting to undermine this club. If you thrive on drama being in your life, please find another club.

    We're sorry for this as we know the actions of a few malevolent persons are causing a negative impact on many-many people who have nothing but good intentions to this hobby club. And, let us reiterate the fact .. this is a hobby club. It's a Mustang SVO enthusiast club and we are not about upping our membership numbers to increase revenues. We are about quality over quantity and our focus has always been about just the SVO and nothing else. We have never solicited or accepted monies from Vendors for promotions and/or advertisements. There are plenty of sites dedicated to a multitude or car interests but we have always kept this a SVO focused forum where members could easily find answers they need and talk about the car we all commonly share a passion for.

    Our SVO VIN Database has been built for you, the member, to use as a tool for both entertainment and practical use to check out the legitimacy of any SVO prior to purchase. We built the living Registry to help protect the history of our cars given the chance they become highly collectible in the future where dubious individuals may try to fake a car and as a benefit to our members.
    This gathered information is private to the club and it's members. Sharing it violates copyright infringement laws.

    The SVOCA is NOT for profit and never has been. By even trying to suggesting that, only shows the true nature those attempting to poison this hobby club and it's members with misinformation and personal agendas. We will still be hosting our club's annual SVO Reunion and most of all, continuing our efforts of promoting the preservation and ownership of the Mustang SVO. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the directors.
    Board of Directors,
    SVO Club of America