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So long and farewell to you.

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  • So long and farewell to you.

    In 1996 I bought a 1986 comp prep car and owned it for over 20 years, in that time it was garage kept and loved and shown at the occasional Mustang met where it was treated poorly by GT owners and most mustang club hacks, because it was a 4-banger. Never mind the fact it was a better performer than their "mystic" painted ragged out GT.

    It took five years to sell it for far less than a 1 of 6 ever made car should have sold for, it was after all a comp prep with leather seats. In the 22 years I was involved with SVO prices have stayed steady and rarely if ever climbed to unreasonable levels. I included a set of all six NOS front lights with mine when it left me, someone got a nice deal.

    I turned by SVO cash and a couple of hundred hours of overtime pay into a solid down payment on a 2019 GT350, the GT350 is the best handling car since the SVO and is an absolute joy to drive. It could very well be the last hurrah for manual transmissions and screaming flat-plane crank power from Ford. It even came with a day of driving school. So I am bidding farewell to you and the SVO. Thank you for twenty years.

    That being said, if you have the cash you should treat yourself to a day or two of the Ford Performance Driving School. If this is out of your budget, try an SCCA "track Night in America" and spend some Thursday night driving your car around a track. I occasionally took my SVO out for a romp but the local road course is all but gone in my area and I never could relax when guys in $500 Hyundai junkers are trying to pass me on bald snow tires at open track nights.

    Good luck guys.

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    Sorry to see you leave, but you're still in the family. Stop by and tell us how you're doing from time to time.

    Enjoy the new ride
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster


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      Well, you were able to be a good caretaker for your SVO over the years. Hey, this is the 'lounge' so feel free to drop in on occasion to show off the new ride!

      I have been fortunate to have a couple road courses in my general area (Autobahn CC & Blackhawk Farms) along with a first-rate track day organizers (MVP & Blackhawk Farms) for getting out on track with my SVO. Good to hear yours got a chance to stretch its legs on track.

      Hope the new owner takes care of it as well as you did and even drops by here on occasion.
      86 SVO Mustang
      17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4


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        I know you have posted your SVO for sale a few times over the years... nice car. I hope it went to a good home.

        Congrats on the GT-350 purchase. I attended the Ford Racing School at Miller back in 2012 when I got my Boss. We drove the FR500S back then, great time.