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Mustang SVO Transport (silver state classic car)

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  • Mustang SVO Transport (silver state classic car)

    I bought the silver state classic car and am needing it transported from 30252 to 84010, the car will not start so it will need to be winched on. I am having a super tought time finding a auto transport company that has a winch on the trucks. Anyone have any recommendations of companies? Also if anyone is interested in transporting it, I would love to pay you to do so. Would like to be picked up asap.

    Feel free to pm me if your interested or have any recommendations.



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    Congrats on the purchase, that car can certainly be temperamental from my experience with it. I don't have any direct transport experience, but I know of one local guy that has used SPLP Auto Transport a couple of times and really liked them. They ain't cheap from what I remember, since they are a top tier kind of transport, but may be able to work with the SSCC. Good luck on the transport and getting the car back on the road.
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      Thanks i will reach out to them. Just want to get it here so i can get it going and take it to the track.


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        damn, after the 3 hours I spent getting the computer re-pinned on that car, so it was starting easily at the last Richmond reunion. did you check the ground wire ?

        sorry I don't have any advice for a transport company. but SVOno50 has given you good advice.
        Eric C
        SVOCA Webmaster


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          For transport call Joan 800-207-3012 She has had several cars transported for me and some not running.
          Kendal Coker


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            Awesome thanks for your help eric and kendal. I am in utah and it wont start so there is not much i can do. I have had a couple svos in the past so i will get it back on the road quickly once it gets here.


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              Nothing constructive to add, but I wanted to say congrats on the purchase. It's a really cool SVO.....
              86 SVO 1C


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                Thanks I have been bugging him since he owned it to sell it to me. I am super excited to get it on the track.


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                  this bit
                  did you check the ground wire ?
                  was a bit of a inside joke.
                  The previous owner (before Dave) was working on stuff, that wasn't working, power windows, locks, etc.
                  His girlfriend pointed out the ground wires off the core top of the core support were off.. he said NO, that's not a problem!! -- well it was
                  Eric C
                  SVOCA Webmaster


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                    Thanks for your help, Joan got it resolved in less than a week and got it on the trailer today. She was great to work with. Appreciate it greatly.