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Our SVOs born from the Lincoln Continental

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  • Our SVOs born from the Lincoln Continental

    We all know that the Ford SVO team created our cars from the Fox chassis and the parts bin from the Lincoln Continental. It is just kind of funny when you look at a 1982 or 83 Lincoln and then realize very important parts from them made such a special car that kicked *** in racing events as soon as it was put together. I am adding a pic of an Lincoln to just put it into perspective...the undercarriage pic is the 1983 Lincoln and note the front suspension (looks a little familiar?)
    ....and eventually fathered the Escort Cosworth which retained a 4 cylinder Turbocharged engine but went ALL-IN with All Wheel Drive. My cousin in Italy has a 1995 Escort Cosworth and it is insane...(he has taken his to the next level and over 400hp...)

    Anyway if anyone here is new to the SVO world they may find some of this stuff interesting

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