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trouble cranking.

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  • trouble cranking.

    Not where to post this, so here it is.Because of health issues, my 86 has not been started in quite some time (about three year). Now, when I try to start it, I have to prime the fuel pump about 8 to 10 times before it will start. When it does start it will run for a few seconds and die. this happens about 8 to 10 times before it will pick up and idle properly. Every thing seems to be going fine until I shut it off. After just a few minutes, I have to go through the same process to crank it again. Open for suggestions.
    Perry Mitchell

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    Check Fuel pressure to see if its bleeding down after prime.


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      IN addition to that, you may have rust in tank also, sitting that long with the crap fuel we have these days esp if it has any percentage of ethanol. An inexpensive bluetooth snake light stuck down filler neck will tell you right quick. I've had one for awhile from checking my jeep frame. But the app is gone, I had to get another off amazon just for a new transmitter that has a current app, LOL. Now have a spare snake, with a new one and new transmitter.
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        I am with Bruce to start with getting a fuel pressure gauge on it to see what is happening during priming to see what it is getting to as well as how quickly it bleeds down. You can start running down other paths once you see just what is going on.
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          Deteriorated / split rubber fuel pump hose (inside the tank)?
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