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Gravel gaurd, undercoating and sunroof

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  • Gravel gaurd, undercoating and sunroof

    Would factory installed (coated) Gravel Guard and undercoating affect the value on a low mile otherwise flawless SVO?
    Factory Sunroof?

    My gut says it would not but I am wondering what others think. I am looking at one and it is a Northern car. The car is a 30K mile car and it garage kept all its life. Everything is correct on the car and it is in excellent + condition interior and exterior. Maybe engine compartment could use some cleaning up but it is really just dusty.

    I know what these cars are worth and I am not asking, I do want to know about the optiion and affecting collectibility. I was not a sunroof guy in the past BUT they are kind of growing on me and to diversify my collection might be something I want to do.

    I am thinking of flying out to see it. I noticed in the pics that there is gravel guard. I also see an engine block heater cord. I think some of those options prob go hand in hand.

    I have an 85.5 9L and this 86 9L I am looking at looks to me like gravel guard under the rocker area, I do NOT have good pics above the rocker to really see if the paint there is lumpyish...The attached pics and especially compared to my 85.5 are different regarding the paint texture.

    I think the gravel guard goes about a foot into the floorpan areas as well. I think that is how it was done.

    If I buy this car, It would be a 3rd SVO for me and one that would stay garaged and driven very occasionally just to keep everything from sitting. As a very longtime SVO owner I want to have one for each of my 3 kids for one day them to enjoy and carry on the legacy of one of the greatest designed cars of the 80s.

    Frank V

    Click image for larger version

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    That may also be a northern thing.... Maybe goes hand-n-hand with the block heater? How far north??
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      Oregon area


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        I own an '86 Comp Prep that sold new out of Chicago with under coating. I hate it and have been debating on spending the estimated $1,000 to have it dry ice cleaned on the underside.

        Really it is a personal choice. I watch the listings on BAT and the non-undercoated cars do tend to fair better. It is hard to clean the under carriage on an under coated car. The last two that I have picked up do not have under coating and that was a factor for me when I purchased them.

        Post up some pics if you decide to pull the trigger!


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          Honestly, if I was going for 'all original' that would me delivered to the original owner. Including all added on 'stuff' like under coating, rust proofing, etc. If you go through the work to remove it all, it is as good as 'modified' IMHO. As they say, it is only original once in its lifetime. I have a feeling that all the effort on some sellers to hide any kind of flaw with me, I have seen some real creative stuff over the years...that is why most folks shy away from anything with undercoating. The thing is, if you have evidence that the undercoating was put on pre-delivery or right after delivery of the vehicle, it wasn't put on to hide something. Not to say something couldn't be happening under the coating, but a little detective work will tell you if the metal is still solid under there or not. Just my $0.02.
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