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    Hey SVO Guys and Gals--

    Some of you may already have noticed, we've changed the rules on signatures.

    Signatures were getting a bit out of hand. So many posts where the signature is longer than the post itself, and where the signature line is being used to convey some other message than "SVO-4 Ever".

    SO --
    The new rules:
    No more than 50 total characters in your sig
    no more than 4 total lines
    no pics
    no links
    Please keep your signature SVO specific, or a small message about yourself.

    The new rules are coded into the forum, so the next time you edit your Signature, you will be have to follow them.
    We can't force these rules onto existing signatures, but we request anyone that has a signature that don't fit into the new guidlines, please edit appropriately.

    and as the guys from Bartles and James would say
    Thank you for your support.

    Eric C
    and the rest of the Board of Directors
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster

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    49 characters. I'm safe.


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      Sounds Fair. SVO 4-life
      BULLITT #5055 (sold)
      96 COBRA (sold)
      86 SVO!!