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  • Nearly anything goes ...

    Ya know, I love how we have a tight little community here of SVO owners and enthusiasts from a broad range of backgrounds and such. I love our forum and how the CLUB comes together year after year to share our enjoyment of the Mustang SVO ... have a drink, tell a tale, and make fun of Gator. The kind of stuff that creates a lifetime of memories.

    But ...

    This is a Mustang SVO site. A Ford enthusiast site. A Car enthusiast site. Heck, if it has a combustible engine revvin in it then lets talk about kind of site ... AND - with all those things, we'll even go off topic at times.

    What this forum is NOT: a Political, Religous, Dramatic, Complain about "The Man" site. If you dont like who's running the United States .. then find another site that's dedicated to some left wing/ right wing nuts. If you dont like Rainbow Coalition, go find ihatejessedotcom. If you're here to tell the admins the what for and think our website is a platform for your 1st admend rights ... we'll ban you and guess what, you'll have to go find another site. And, if you think this is the place to complain or whine about your local, state, or federal law enforcement and the laws that govern this country ... then go leghump the masses on another site. This aint the site for you.

    For some reason, it has gotten to the point that eveyone thinks our forum and it's LOUNGE is open season for whatever you want to discuss and if I, or another Admin/Mod locks, edits, deletes or even warn things to move along - then a flurry of emails, PMs, and public outcries follow. It's really getting old. I understand you want to conversate with your friends .. I really do, but if you guys continue to chatter, rant, rave about everything under the sun on here just because you think you can - then we're gonna start making some changes .. and you guys know how delicate and warm I can be.

    So ... here's fair warning: If this laidback atmosphere isnt working for you, then we can put together a set of hardened RULES for you, the forum user, to ponder over and it will pretty much state: the administration has the right to add or modify these set of rules at any time, without notice, and without explanation .... or .... you can just follow the very FEW rules we have set in place from the beginning, quit biotching like a 4 yr old when you're asked to stop doing something, and be happy we dont have a bunch of internet trolls creating havoc and mayhem on here day after day after day.

    I dont want hear how you feel slighted and bruised by the above or soon to be list of forum rules. If you absolutely feel the need to voice your opinion then you have 2 options, send an email to svoca at svoca d o t com .. or .. send an email to svoca at svoca d o t com.