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    Is the sheet metal svo specific? My inner front fender is pretty crusty


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      assuming you mean front fender, the answer is, it's 'slightly specific'

      there are a couple slots cut for the front facia to mount, that aren't on stock mustangs, those are easy to replicate...
      there is also a bend in the molding area that allows the nose to wrap around. it's not in the stock fox fender, and is very hard to replicate.

      I know there are pics around here somewhere....
      Eric C
      SVOCA Webmaster


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        Are fenders hard to come by? I could probably save this one as the inner lip is where the rust is and won't show but I'd like to replace maybe


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          The hatch is common between GT and SVO, the only thing different is the upper wing on the SVO. IIRC, the holes for the rear spoiler on a GT are in the same spot as they are on the SVO, you just need 4 extra holes to attach the bi-wing if you use a GT hatch. Oh, and rear defrost was pretty common on SVOs, and not common on GTs.
          Gene Beaird,
          86 2R SVO, G Stock,
          Pearland, Texas