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SVO with SN95 Hubs/Rotors

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  • SVO with SN95 Hubs/Rotors

    Can the original spindles and calipers be used with the SN95 hubs and rotors? Looking to go with 17 inch wheels and center cap. Thanks.
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    Not that I am aware of, but I haven't done the conversion to be able to give all the details. Without major machining/modification, I don't see how the SN95 hub could bolt up to the SVO spindle and I believe the SN95 caliper brackets don't match up to the SVO spindle mounts either to allow the use of the SVO caliper. I would think Mike (GAboySVO) can chime in with all the details.
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      No. SN95 hubs, rotors and spindles all have to work together. Since the caliper has a separate bracket there are different types of calipers that can be used on the SN95 spindle, unlike the SVO spindle where the caliper mounts directly to the spindle. The SVO rotor is also the hub, where the rotor and hub are separate with SN95. You can use SN95 lower arms with the SVO spindles with the appropriate ball joint stub spacer thimble. There isn't any reason why you cannot use a 17" wheel on the OEM SVO setup. Getting a wheel that will work and keep the center cap may be a problem but it is one that has been solved several times on this forum.


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        OK, thanks. Right now, I have SN95 LCAs, with SVO spindles, rotors and calipers. I used the MM adapter for the spindles. I put on a set of 2005 GT wheels and the center cap will not fit. I'd have to mod the center cap and it won't look right at all. So I'd need the entire hub/spindle and caliper set up off a SN95. Hmmm.
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          The stock SVO spindle is tapered to accomodate the smaller outer bearing. The SN95 spindle is cylindrical. The inner and outer bearings are the same size. You can use the Steeda x2 ball joints installed in a machined SVO arm with the SN95 spindle. This way you can use cobra brakes and 13" disc.

          There were a couple of guys on the board who made a spacer to gain clearance for the SVO spindle cap.
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