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Steering wheel jerks when brakes are lightly applied. Plus other issues.

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  • Steering wheel jerks when brakes are lightly applied. Plus other issues.

    First off this has been an ongoing problem for a while now. All major brake components have been replaced and nothing solves it. When I lightly hit the brake pedal, the steering wheel will pull to one side. But pressing on it firmer makes it go away. And many times the steering wheel will continue to vibrate back and forth just driving. Even at low speeds. To me it feels as of one of the calipers isn't releasing properly. But they've both been rebuilt. And I think the steering wheel vibration is because of the brakes. I've had the tires rebalanced and rotating them didn't solve anything. The only thing on the brake system that hasn't been replaced are the steel lines and the proportioning valve.

    I've replaced the following on the car:
    Master cylinder
    Rebuilt the calipers with steel pistons
    DOT 4 brake fluid

    I do recall once that I had the right front caliper completely lock up on me after I replaced the brake fluid with DOT 5.1 which is compatible with DOT 3 and 4. Flushing it out and going back to DOT 3/4 prevented that from happening again.

    Also one other question concerning the master cylinder. What is the proper level in the reservoir? I filled it up to about an inch from the top. Is that correct?
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    I’d check the suspension bits for loose parts. Also check for slop in the rack. The wobble would lead me to check the car’s alignment.
    Gene Beaird,
    86 2R SVO, G Stock,
    Pearland, Texas


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      I am with Gene on checking for something loose. Even if one caliper isn't even working, it typically won't pull to one side...ask me how I know! For the master cylinder fill level...I put it ~1/4" from the top of the reservoir. Let us know what you find.
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