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Cobra booster + SVO master cylinder?

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  • Cobra booster + SVO master cylinder?

    I swapped my stock fronts for the typical SN95 LCAs and 13” Cobra brakes, and am in the process of getting the booster and master cylinder sorted. Current setup is stock SVO rears with 13” Cobra fronts

    It seems like the standard move is to go for either the stock booster and cobra master which requires machining, or the cobra booster and master combo, but has anyone used the Cobra booster with the stock SVO master cylinder?

    I’m curious if the larger diaphragm in the booster will be enough to alleviate the pedal pressure, or is the Cobra master cylinder diameter the more critical part of that equation?
    Only asking because LMR is selling kits with the Cobra booster and SVO master cylinder pair which sparked the idea.

    My stock booster is toast anyways so the booster upgrade is happening regardless of which way I go on the master.

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    You will need to use the Cobra master cylinder. It has to do with the bore diameter of the Cobra compared to stock, not the booster. You can have the master cylinder machined to fit the SVO booster or you can use an SN95 booster, but you will need to clearance the driver side shock tower for it to fit. I did the later using a BFH.

    If I had to do it over again, I would have the Cobra MC machined. You can use the stock SVO rear brakes with the Cobra MC, but you will need to add a manual proportioning valve and gut the original proportioning valve. You will need the Maximum Motorsports' brake line kit that goes from the MC to existing proportional valve. Even with the kit, I had to get a fitting from NAPA to match the existing SVO stuff.
    Mike S

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