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Dog-bone cable alternative?

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  • Dog-bone cable alternative?

    At the Tupelo Automobile Museum where I do volunteer work, we have a metal lathe. Also, one of the volunteers is an experienced tool and die maker. My question is: would it be a reliable alternative to
    the dog-bone cable to have a piece of round stock machined to the same dimensions. I think I have seen something similar using a small diameter bolt and locking nut. It seems like it would be stronger and more reliable than original. What are your opinions?
    Perry Mitchell

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    My Opinion, you'll just break the expensive cable now.

    consider that dog-bone to be a fuse.... main cause for dog-bones breaking are---
    Electrical arcing, because of no ground.
    and ---- ridges on the transmission input shaft, that cause the throw-out bearing to catch when the clutch is pressed in.
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster


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      I have used small bolt and locking nut in my 88 TC 15 years now. Did auto to T5 swap using Mustang cable clutch back in 2003 and used that solution when dogbones were not available easily back then in Finland. No problems this far, driven 60 k miles since then. Stock clutch parts. Good thing is that it's also adjustable.

      Having spare dogbone at glovebox though for my SVO

      -84 Mustang SVO
      -88 Tbird Turbo Coupe


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        Perry, it certainly is an option to look into. I haven't had to shop for a dog-bone cable in many moons, but I remember that they were not very expensive. That may no longer matter if they are not available any more.

        I too did use a bolt/nut as an alternative when I had issues popping the dog-bone in my former 80 Mustang with a transplanted 84 SVO tranny setup. Turned out it had the dreaded worn input bearing sleeve that was binding up the throwout bearing. I ended up bending the u-clips the dog-bone cable/temp rod went into due to the binding action. That finally got me to replace the input snout and the u-clips. Never had an issue after that.
        86 SVO Mustang
        17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4


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          what I didn't say in my original post, if you don't have input shaft or grounding issues, likely won't matter!
          Eric C
          SVOCA Webmaster