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    Has anyone on here used Moser axles with a Torsen diff? I just received my axles and they will not allow the Torsen thrust block to be installed. The nub at the end is thicker than my OEM axles and the additional length is preventing the block from being reinstalled. It all worked perfectly with the OE axles. Anyone run into this?

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    Can't speak to the Torsen diff, but I do have moser axles with an auburn diff with no problems in the 89 5.0.
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      Sounds like something is 'off' with the button ends of the axles. If that distance is different than stock, then those axles would have issues with a stock diff as well. Only options are to hound Moser about the issue or have the axles 'trimmed' at your local machine shop. That is a bummer.
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        An update for anyone who might run into this issue.

        My racecar has an 8.8 with a T2 Torsen diff. When I installed it I just used my OEM SVO axles and everything went together just fine. I have been running it for several years without an issue. I have a set of wheels that have a pretty thick hub and the OEM studs on the rear axle are too short. I don't even get a full thread of stud exposed when they are bolted up, so I wanted to install 3" studs. So I sez to myself, while I have it all apart, why not just upgrade the axles and put the long studs in the new axles, leaving the OEM's alone.

        So I bought the axles from LMR, but they were actually drop shipped directly from Moser. I installed the new studs (what a royal PITA that is) and went to install the axles and found that they wouldn't work because the button was too thick. Much back and forth with LMR and finally they just told me to send them back, they will give me a new set of studs and I will put them into my OEM axles.

        So, before boxing up the Mosers to send back, I figure, what the hell, my original 7.5 with the Trac-Loc is sitting right here, why not try the Moser axles in the Trac-Loc and see if they fit. Well, whattya know, they fit just fine. In fact, they are an improvement over the OEM axles due to the thicker button. The tolerances in the FoMoCo diff are much greater than the Torsen. The Torsen wants a 0.250" button, period, which is what the OEM axles have. However, in the original 7.5 Trac-Loc rear, with the OEM axles, there is over 0.030" of lateral movement of the axle with the c-clips and spider gear shaft all installed. With the Moser axles, that lateral movement is cut almost in half, to about 0.017". That isn't a lot, but what it does on a racecar is knock back the rear brake pads everytime you take a corner hard, leaving a soft pedal on the next brake application. Not an ideal setup. The difference in lateral movement is almost exactly the difference in thickness between the Moser and OEM buttons.

        With the OEM axles in the 8.8 Torsen, the lateral movement of the axles is about 0.005", that is how tight the tolerances are in that differential.

        LMR and Moser have both been looking at this, and Moser agreed that the button should be 0.250" to work in the Torsen. I don't know if they will actually change anything though, since I can't imagine there is a huge market for SVO axles and Torsen differentials. My OEM axles are in fine condition, including the wheel bearing surfaces, and I'm not overly concerned with breaking an axle due to the massive torque of the 2.3T, so I guess I'll stick to what Ford gave me, just with some longer studs.


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          I installed Moser axles in my FMS 8.8 LSD. and the locking pin would not slide in. The issue was the length of the axle from the C-clip groove to the tip. I had to grind the tip down until the pin would fit. The end finish on the axle was not a good as it should have been.
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            I wonder what is going on with the Moser axle button size? I believe the dimension from the c-clip cup to the pin is a constant dimension, so that dim on the axles should never change. Now, my Eaton posi unit I put in recently had a 0.875" diameter pin vs the stock 0.750" pin, so that would have technically increased my track width by 0.125" (1/8") and the stock axles fit into the diff w/o any issues. I also changed my axles at the same time, so I just had them made 0.0625" shorter than stock to keep my rear track width the same. No reason to rub the rear fenders any more than necessary.
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