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    1986: What are the best synthetics for the tranny and rear end? I would imagine that a good synthetic might make the trans shift even smoother, especially in cold weather

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    I once thought, I'm going to replace the fluid with the BEST synthetic stuff I can get..
    shifting suffered, and so did the limited slip function in the rear.

    I know (cause I wanted to too) you want to use the best stuff you can get --
    but the synchros, in the T5's and the limited slip in the rears NEED specific properties in the fluid to work correctly (along with friction modifier in the rear)

    I don't even use engine synthetic oil. I use good quality oil, and change it often.

    That's my advice, take it for what it's worth.

    use good quality ATF in the T5, and good quality 95w rear oil (with friction modifier) in the rear. the friction modifier don't seem to work as well with synthetic.
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster


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      Same here! The synthetic stuff seems to be 'too slick'. I have Red Line MTL in our trans, and when trying to execute a fast 1-2 shift, it'll sometimes grind. I do need to change that, as well as the oil, now that the car is back on the ground, so will probably go back to a good ATF.
      Gene Beaird,
      86 2R SVO, G Stock,
      Pearland, Texas