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Looking for clutch recommendations

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  • Looking for clutch recommendations

    I just had my tranny rebuilt and before i install i am going to upgrade from existing rock auto stock clutch. what is the best recommendation have intake exhaust and head ported by steve schlodes 3 inch downpipe with external wastegate. Will be installing pimp and possibly upgrading turbo to t3/t4. I want the clutch to be street driveable but i would be lying if i said i wasn't going to hit it hard on occasion. What do you guys suggest as a good clutch.

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    We've been pleased with the Spec stage 2+.


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      The spec stuff has been pretty 'liked' by most around.

      I've not run more than 300 hp, 330tq (about where my Pimp SVO sits) and I've got a stock ford replacement (clutch and PP) which has held fine, and has amazingly light pedal pressure.
      that said, finding a stock ford replacement at this point is likely UN-obtanium

      ask anyone here, -- I don't baby it.

      Eric C
      SVOCA Webmaster


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        I will second the Spec stage 2+, same thing I am running in combination with the Fidanza flywheel. Last dyno run several years ago was 272/310 rwhp/rwtq, no slipping issues and very streetable.
        86 SVO Mustang
        17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4