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I need throwout bearing help

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  • I need throwout bearing help

    I have an Black 84 model, stock the best I can tell. I ordered a replacement throwout bearing and went to install it and it will not fit over the bearing support. The inside diameter is about 33mm and the one I took off is about 36mm inside diameter. So now I don't know what I have wrong, do I have the wrong bearing or has the bearing support or maybe the trans been changed in the car's history and I need to get a bearing for something else? Or maybe the bearing I bought was boxed wrong and I bought what I thought was right? Has anyone got any insight on what I need here? Thanks, DC

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    What brand did you purchase? The best one to use is the Ford Racing/Performance bearing and it fits.
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      It was a NOS Ford part. Do you know what the inside diameter should be for the original part? That is my problem, my part may be correct for the car but the bearing carrier could have been changed. I've not been able to find any where that has demiinsions on the bearing.


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        Well, I think I have found the issue. In research I have found that a 1984 Ford with a 4speed has a throwout bearing with a 1.375 bore(what I have) but what I need has a 1.438 bore(what came off the car). I knew I was going to have to get another bearing but I needed to make sure what I was putting it on before I get one for a SVO and have it wrong.
        Thanks for the replies.


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          Glad you found the issue and thanx for posting the resolution! Looks like just they gave you the incorrect application part.
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