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    What brand and weight oil do you all use?
    My car has 85k on the odo and I live in Tx and am running
    10w-40 Valvoline durablend and a Motorcraft filter.
    I hope this subject hasn't been beat to death?

    84 SVO
    98 Saleen S-281
    00 Lightning

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    I use Mobil 1, 10W-30. I don't know, I just think that the experience out there says that synthetic is better! Lots of tests have been done, and they always lean towards the synthetics.

    I think that the frequency at which you change the oil has alot more to do with performance than what kind you use...but that's just my .02 cents worth.

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    86 SVO (1D) - built on 11/23/1985 (1 of 223)
    86 Merkur XR4Ti
    93 Honda Nighthawk


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      Castrol Syntec !

      which is the top rated oil UNDER AMSoil. This from Amsoil's own oil testing on their website.

      (Amsoil is known by those that know of it as the best out there but Amsoil is mega inconvenient to purchase, but is all synthetic and is used my the military branches for their hi-tech wonders. )

      Also, as a side note, when I worked at a Honda Motorcycle shop in the late 80's there was two oils that always guaranteed us warranting any engine problems with a customers bike: it was Honda's own oil (of course) or Castrol. If the customer could show us receipts for those oils the engine problem was considered to be Honda's fault regardless of the use of the bike.

      Made me a believer in Castrol.

      My '88 2.3 has been using it all of it's life and there is zero brown coating anywhere inside it, no ring ridge at the top of the cylinder's.

      -been pleased!
      -James Price- '84 SVO 9W leather, SVO #124


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        I have used quaker state 10-w30 in my SVO, and 2.3 Ranger (non-turbo)

        I change the oil @ 2000 miles on my svo, and @ 3000 on my ranger. Right now the Ranger has 267,000 miles on it. I put a new head gasket on it at 250K (only engin work ever done to it) and not only was there no ring groove, you could still see the hone marks in the cylnders...

        I have a theory on synthetic. I think it is a great thing, the way it is made, it doesn't lose it's lubrication properties after a lot of miles, or extreme use like standard oil will. I use synthetic in my trans, and everwhere else I can. It is a must for all out racing, and hard use applications

        with that being said, I will now start with my personal opinion.
        The biggest problem oils have is DIRT. the by-products of combustion are dirty, and they get into the oil. Synthetic oil can not help this.
        The reason I change the oil in my vehicles is to get rid of that dirt, not to get rid of broken down oil. I dont think i have managed to break down oil in any of my vehicles in the 2000-3000 miles it was in there, even after some pretty serious fun...

        So under my normal driving conditions, I can't justify the cost of synthetic over the quaker state I use now.

        BUT-- My opinon may change when I start driving my SVO more.

        BTW: Did you guys know pensoil and quaker-state are owned by the same company, and they were both recently purchased, by GULF oil i believe..
        Eric C
        SVOCA Webmaster