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Turbo rebuild kit and valve seals

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  • Turbo rebuild kit and valve seals

    My 86 SVO has about 140K and is all original. I have had her since 1992 and she is running very strong but I have to do some maintenance that I think is necessary. I do not drive it that much but this issue has been going on for a long time.

    I have been leaking some oil externally out the bottom area of the turbo
    I get puff of smoke at startup when cold or if it has been parked more than 10 minutes
    I also get some smoking when idling and can smell it when at a stop light (I think from the exhaust)

    I checked the PCV valve and it seems to be clean and working good. Vacuum is good and valve is functional as it should be.
    The car runs great and has plenty of power and no performance issues.

    I pull the oil cap off and I have no blow-by at all

    I am just not sure but my gut feels both of the above mentioned items need to be serviced (turbo and valve seals)

    Any recommendation on a turbo rebuild kit? I have rebuild a few turbos but not a T3


    Frank V

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    The bottom leak on the turbo is most likely from the drain tube, the smoke is probably from the valve stem seals.
    The PCV valve should be a Motorcraft unit if at all possible.



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      in my opinion, you don't have the proper tools to rebuild a turbo correctly... leave it to a pro.
      That said -- change the valve stem seals first -- that will take care of most of your issue
      Eric C
      SVOCA Webmaster