This is a list of parts, with numbers for tune-ups.

Spark Plugs ____________ Motorcraft AWSF32C , OR AGSF32WMF4.

Plug Wires _____________ E8PZ-12259-A OR WR-4011-C

84 - 85 Distrubutor rotor ________ E6FZ-12200-B OR DR-332E

85 - 86 Distrubutor rotor ________ E6FZ-12200-A OR DR375-A

Distributor Cap __________ E9FZ-12106-A OR DH-390-E

PCV Valve ______________ E5ZZ-6A666-A OR EV-127-A OR EV-76-c

Air-Filter _______________ Motorcraft FA-970

If you know of other parts that should be listed here, Email the Webmaster

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