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Fox Mustang patch panels? Door jamb

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  • Fox Mustang patch panels? Door jamb

    My 1986 SVO has some rot in the lower driver side door jamb area. Specifically in the bottom corner below the door striker. I been searching and searching for repair patch panels and it seems that this type of repair has no sheet metal patch panels available.
    Any suggestions...

    Is my only option to find a donor from a wreck?


    Frank V
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    Best to find used, rust free sections of the rocker and quarter. Then you can cut to match what you need to cut out of the car.
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      yeah, that body section is not SVO specific.
      Eric C
      SVOCA Webmaster


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        I acquired a door jamb section from a guy on ebay. A California car and a 1986 (not an SVO).

        When I decide to actually do the job I will post a write up on how I do it. Not that I am looking forward to it bc I know it will be an ugly job....SMH (I might as for a few pointers as well)

        I have done patch panels before and did plenty of work on my 48 3100 and my 56 3200 trucks. Not overly difficult but you have to take your time... For this luckily most of it is hidden


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          The grinder is your friend take your time on the welds and try not to get the metal too hot.

          That said , I suck at body work.. lol

          would love to see your work.
          Eric C
          SVOCA Webmaster


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            I will have to determine if the rocker is good or bad and then see how to tackle it. I think my rot actually enters the outer skin where it meets the quarter panel... Hopefully not too much tho...New York sucks and this car was garaged (inside) off the road for 15 yrs in Vermont (heated and climate controlled) when I was not using it