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SVO paint scheme and trim, wing etc

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  • SVO paint scheme and trim, wing etc

    I am having my 86 1D painted and I will be having all the trim painted.
    I was wondering if the wing, trim, upper door frames, cowl cover etc would be the same color on an SVO

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    Same color for all but different color for different years. Rear spoiler is "textured."
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      I am going with a similar but different Dark Gray Metallic than my original 1D paint. I am gonna do the trim in a more semi-gloss black-ish color but have not decided yet. i have to see trim color vs the paint I pick but will be along those lines.

      I want the Gray to be DARK and am actually leaning towards Ford Dark Matter paint which is very dark but I need to see it in daylight first. Only car I seen is on showroom floor so not a good example to look at. Looks almost black in the shade.

      If I go different shade of Gray then it probably wont be a factory Ford color and will be another manufacturer. Trying to stay with a Ford color if I can


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        When we got our car repainted, they used the appropriate color for the gray bits, but it didn't turn out in the semi-gloss finish it's supposed to be. Something was messed up with the mix, but I'm actually quite happy with the glossy finish.

        Around post #87 of my build project shows some of the finish, if you want to see what it looks like.
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