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Thermostat Housing - Factory Style Replacement

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  • Thermostat Housing - Factory Style Replacement

    In the past week I've been looking through all the previous posts about thermostats and thermostat housings and saw everyone mentioning the thermostat housings you get from the parts stores do NOT fit. I tried a parts store housing, and sure enough it did not fit. The opening for the thermostat is slightly offset (~1/8") up. I did some digging on Ebay and found a replacement housing that fit like the factory housing. I've installed it on the car and had zero issues with fitment or leaks.

    I wanted to post a link to the Ebay store, so if anyone else needs to replace their factory housing, they have an option. Currently the page says they have 10 available at $24.99/each.



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    I used a Four Seasons # 84896 housing a couple of years ago and it has been working fine as well....
    85.5 1E in the house.


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      Think I'm using Four Seasons one as well which I purchased from Bo-port. In comparison, I did notice this design having smaller flow area from thermostat, not sure it will have any large effect on circulation. Housing is aluminum, whereas Ebay item looks like cast iron, and a pretty rough surface finish.
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