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Goodyear Eagle Sport All Seasons?

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  • Goodyear Eagle Sport All Seasons?

    Hi - been looking thru the forum for tire info but see a lot of different opinions. Any with an opinion on Goodyear Eagle Sport All Seasons?

    I mainly street drive the car ('86) using stock wheels. I have thoughts of trying some auto-x or bracket drag racing - but nothing serious.

    On the web site I'm looking at (for a regional tire chain) these rate well/better than some recommended in the forms for cornering and dry traction plus they also rate well for hydroplaning and wet traction. I try to avoid rain but sometimes it happens so I would like the car to be able to handle that. Winter is not a factor. For example, I've seen the Hankook Ventus V2 suggested herebut Eagle rates moderately better. I see the Bridgestone RD050 run flat which is more than double the price of the Eagles - and the site I'm looking at doesn't have feedback/ratings for these.

    The car right now has BFgoodrich G-Force Comp-2 on it. I'll admit I've been happy with these. They appear to be approx $50 more a piece than the Eagles. The site I'm looking at doesn't offer them so I can't compare.

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    You could probably use a 'summer' tire vs an all-season, especially if you want to toss it on a track on occasion. Summer tires can typically handle rain just fine, especially if it is on the occasional scale. My 'comp' style tires even handle the water from rain pretty well, when needed.

    I ran the G-Force Comp-2 on my Mini when I took it out for a track day and can say the tires were not real happy being pushed like that on the track. Again, on the street, they were good, but not very good on the track.
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      Hankook Ventus R-S4's are a really good summer HP tire. They're also very nice on the track. I've run them many times on my 66 back when I did track days.
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