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Thread: XR4Ti Head

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    XR4Ti Head

    Id like to know if this 1985 Merkur XR4Ti head is compatible with my 1985.5 SVO. Any info would be helpful.
    Here is pic if the "D" shaped combustion chamber.
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    On the intake side ( for cyl #1 and #2", there is the extra threaded hole for for the intake. This made me think that the head was not original to the XR4Ti but now I think that maybe the intake was not original.
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    I blew the head gasket on my 85.5 SVO. When I sent it to the machine shop to be decked and inspected we found that the head was actually cracked.
    Coincidentally, if not miraculously, there was an 85 Mercury Merkur XR4Ti in the junk yard. Knowing the turbo head was unique and that it might be useful or valuable down the road, I pulled the head from the XR4Ti a week ago (pictured obove).

    I am hoping this is compatible. Any input appreciated.

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    Should be a straight swap, no issues. All the turbo 2.3L's of the era shared the same head casting, from what I can remember. The 'extra' hole was due to various lower intakes used on the engines over the years, one version used the hole directly above the #1 port and I believe most of the fuel injected versions (i.e.- ours) used the hole slightly up and forward. I seem to remember my 80 NA carbed intake used that one directly above the #1 port, but that engine had the oval ports vs D-port configuration.

    FWIW, I am running an 87 Merkur head on my 86. Both heads have both bolt holes above the #1 port. You can actually see the witness mark of the unused hole in the sealant residue left on the intakes below.

    Click image for larger version. 

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