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1986 SVO Now Listed on Bring a Trailer, ends Sunday 8/6/23

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  • 1986 SVO Now Listed on Bring a Trailer, ends Sunday 8/6/23

    As much as it hurts me, I have to sell my SVO that I completed a restoration and engine mods. I've shared some of that here on the SVOCOA forum and also received good advice during that membership. Anyway, if interested, take a look, but don't wait! Plenty of photos and 4 videos. Hopefully I can get some supportive comments from the members here. And also hopefully bring a market value for a car we all know is unique in the Fox Mustang family. Thanks. Rick

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    Rick, sorry to hear you have to let it go, that is a nice looking ride. I hope it finds a good home, good luck.
    86 SVO Mustang
    17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4


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      Nice car. Sorry you have to sell it. $12.5K, though, nice! I know it's reflecting the 'BAT-tax', but that's still good money for a model that hasn't, IMHO, received the status in the market it should. But I'm kind of biased. :-)
      Gene Beaird,
      86 2R SVO, G Stock,
      Pearland, Texas


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        I've shared it to one of the SVO Facebook groups yesterday..hopefully help with some selling traction!

        Love what you did with the car BTW..many things of which I'm doing the same or will be doing as time permits!
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          Thanks for all the comments. Even though this bid to only $17.5 on BaT , I was able to do a deal with the final bidder offline a my reserve price. Agree with comment the SVO does not have the recognition it deserves. Car I sold was a great collector car, almost new condition. Car is heading to FL from MI. Buyer is long time Mustang collector. Will encourage him to join this blog.


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            Congrats on getting what you wanted for your car!