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Engine oil leak, high blow by, or crappy PCV system fix...

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  • Engine oil leak, high blow by, or crappy PCV system fix...

    Hello All,
    I've been getting oil leakage and dipstick oil seeping on my 85.5 for awhile now. Motocraft pcv is new and working fine. Engine may have high blowby, but is running strong, so not looking at that at the moment. Considering enlarging the oil separator pathway at the v/c going to the turbo inlet, or trying a catch can or an adjustable PCV valve. What have others done, what are your thoughts..?
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    Where is the oil leakage coming from? (besides the dipstick)

    I dont have all the fixes off the top of my head BUT there is plenty in the forum history that has been discussed. I think later T/C 87 -up valve covers have a larger passage and grommet that was supposed to help with your issue.

    See what others may chime in here but in the meantime search the forum and I think you will get some more specific answers


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      A catch can should do the trick.
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        I installed a catch can following the Stinger write up and it works well. No more dipstick popping out.
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          I installed a catch can also and it works great. No more cleaning the intake tract.


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            I made my own home-grown oil separator many moons ago (PVC tube filled with paper towel for absorbing the oil). Put it behind the charcoal canister, so it was the lowest point of the return to the turbo. Works great keeping the intake track and intercooler clean.
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              I heard about using a one way check valve, just after the PCV. I installed a 3/8" valve from the Almighty Amazon and so far it seems to have helped. I'll continue to monitor it as I get additional test drives over the next little bit, but so far so good. I will look at a catch can next if this doesn't hold out..


              85.5 1E in the house.