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Meet a Retired Director

Lee Clary

This issue we want to introduce Board of Director Lee Clary to everyone. Lee was the lucky Director that drew member #0001 out of the hat at the SVOCA organizational meeting in August of 1998.

LeeblueSVO.jpg Lee's enthusiastic introduction into automobiles started back in high school. Until getting a drivers license, cars held little interest beyond comfort and convenience. Then the power bug hit...hard! Lee's been modifying and racing cars for than 20 years, loving (and sometimes hating) every minute. Handling has always been very important to Lee, more so than straight line performance.

Lee's love affair with SVO's started when sat in a 1984 SVO evolution23.jpg in the fall of '83. Lee purchased a 1986 SVO in the fall of 1988and took his father with him. Lee was heard saying "At last, I have a car that has had everything done to it, nothing needs changing".  Lee did not know at the time what a transformation his 1986   was to go through, but his father did. This SVO would soon become the most recognized and known as the Evolution 2.3

Lee855sage.jpg Lee's passion for cars led him to his present job where he is the head of the graphics arts division at E&G Classics. Lee is responsible for all concept illustrations and illustrations of the instruction manuals for the products that are manufactured by E&G Classics. Lee convinced E&G to reproduce the  leather seat kits for the SVO and it has turned out to be a good seller and a help to SVO owners doing restorations.

mm&ff.jpg Lee's car was featured in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords in November of 1995. The Evolution car has been keeping with it's name constantly evolving as was seen by everyone who attended the 15th. Reunion at Carlisle. The underhood area of the Evolution no longer resembles the original SVO as Lee has modified about everything to the engine, intercooler and cooling system Lee has also installed '87 interior into the Evolution while retaining the original SVO gauge cluster.

Lee's collection of Ford vehicles now numbers 9. Some of Lee's cars are pictured like his 85.5 sage pictured above and a 1986 shadow blue. Some of the cars that Lee has in his collection are 3 SVO's,  3 1968 Torino GTs, a Tbird, and his every day driver is a 1986 Lincoln Mk VII with a five speed.

Some of Lee's other interests include collecting automobile and sci-fi memorabilia. Lee has mentioned that he may even produce limited edition prints of the Mustang SVO in the future. In fact if you own one of the SVOCA 15th. Anniversary Reunion t-shirts, you are on your way to starting your collection as Lee also designed the 15th. Anniversary Reunion t-shirt.

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