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Registry Stats

5938 Total Registry entries  
3520 SVO's are listed in the registry 35.8% of total
3052 are listed as drivable  
157 are listed as Comp-Prep  
2293 1984 SVO registry entries  
1441 1984 SVO's are listed 32% of 84's
1237 Are listed as drivable  
761 1985 SVO registry entries  
468 1985 SVO's are listed 30.9% of 85's
396 Are listed as drivable  
438 1985.5 SVO registry entries  
258 1985.5 SVO's are listed 59.2% of 85.5's
209 Are listed as drivable  
2444 1986 SVO registry entries  
1399 1986 SVO's are listed 41.4% of 86's
1243 are listed as drivable  

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