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Scott Wigginton

Meet Scott Wigginton, SVOCA Director number six. Scott and his wife Becky, daughterscottcar.jpg (11071 bytes) Brittany live in China Grove, NC along with their 4 cats, 2 dogs and a cocatoo.

The first SVO Scott saw was at a North Houston Ford dealership in 1984. He was on a business trip and his Ford van had developed an alternator problem. So while waiting for the service department to repair the problem, he did what most people do, look at the new cars. Sitting there in the showroom was a red 84 and on the windshield was " 140 MPH Mustang". While looking at the sticker price, Scott went into immediate "STICKER SHOCK" as most people did at the time, considering a 5.0 GT was going for around $ 9900.00. Little did he know, in twelve years he too would own a SVO.

scottsvo300.jpg (10275 bytes)In early 1995, fortunately, or unfortunately he totaled his 1988 Turbo Coupe. This was his occasional driver, auto-cross car and track car, that had some mods (MS springs, Energy Suspension bushings, K & N). Originally the thought was to turn the TC into a dedicated track car, however, after seeing an ad in the Charlotte paper for a SVO things would never be the same. Scott purchased the SVO (a 200 footer, looked pretty good at 200 feet) and spent the next 2 years creating his idea of the perfect SVO.

Scott retired as the webmaster for the SVOCA in 2000. He added many features to the SVOCA website, including the discussion area. The SVO hobby is a family affair, as wife Becky and daughter Brittany can be found at shows, Reunions or just cruising the town in their SVO. The family is also active in the Southern Performance Ford Club and Carolina Regional Mustang Club. Scott and Becky, own Innovative Phone Services, Inc. in Salisbury, North Carolina which specializes in the repair, sales and refurbishment of pay telephone equipment. You can email Scott at (Removed Email Address)

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