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SVOCA Reunion at Carlisle PA

The SVOCA Reunion June 2-4, 2000 at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pa was huge success. 30 SVOs were in attendance. The participants received the Mustang SVO commercials on CD. Complimentary pizza and refreshments were provided by the SVOCA in the hospitality suite on Friday and Saturday evenings.

SVOCA Special Awards

Best Engine Tim Young, WV
Best Original Tony Thompson, WV
Best Modified Joe Pietkiewicz, PA
Longest Distance Driven Tim Young, WV
Longest Distance Trailered Don Bishop, MI
Lowest Mileage Dana Scott, CT
Celebrities Choice Mike Paruleski (Project SVO)

Carlisle Awards

1984 Stock and Modified

1st. Place Mike Ray
2nd. Place Ben Shearman
3rd. Place Scott Schindler

1985 & 85 Stock and Modified

1st. Place Tim Young
2nd. Place Jay Fitts
3rd. Place Walter Ryon

1986 Stock and Modified

1st. Place Scott Wigginton
2nd. Place Paul Becker
3rd. Place Mike Paruleski
joe_carlisle.jpg (38434 bytes)
Engine Compartment of Joe Pietkiewicz's Highly Modified SVO

mi.jpg (19534 bytes)
Don Bishop's 85 Jalepeno Red

project_svo.jpg (24836 bytes)
Mike Paruleski's Project SVO

wesley_carlisle.jpg (21231 bytes)
Wesley Phillips Jr. Freshly Painted SVO

group.jpg (29246 bytes)
Everyone had a great time talking at the SVOCA tent

mikeray.jpg (26404 bytes)
Mike Ray and his Emerald Green 84 SVO

paul.jpg (29454 bytes)
SVOCA Board Member (Celebrity)  Paul Becker
and his "Celebrities Choice"

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