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David Sandiford - SVOCA #0038

Circle of Orange Show 07/09/00 - Presented by Orange County Mustang Club

SVO Display draws crowds, but few SVO's in attendance

One of the lighter crowd moments, when you could actually see the cars


A perfect California summer day, temps in the upper 70's, at one of the nicest, best organized Mustang shows on the West Coast. The O.C. Mustang Club actually gets the City Fathers of Orange (a few miles from Disneyland) to close their downtown business district for a day of Mustang madness.  The show is based around an old time traffic circle, with individual classes parked in the circle itself, and down the connecting streets, like the spokes on a wheel.  The O.C. Mustang Club is also well known for their generous trophy count (4th place in many classes, all ties awarded) and bodacious size, with 1st place chrome being over 2 feet tall!

You'd have thought the cars would be packed in like sardines.  Guess again, just 3 SVO's were on display (although they were 3 very nice examples). Sorry to vent, but that's pathetic ( I cleaned up the comment).  It was an all red 86 day, with Jimmy Shum's SCCA club racer 2R between my and Monte Abbott's 2A's.

In between answering questions, we all had the opportunity to chat with some former, new, and potential SVO owners that stopped by to say hello.  For those of you who missed this event (and you know who you are), you missed a good one.

Jimmy Shum's 2R, with his crowd-pleasing display card.    Monte Abbot's Slammed '86 daily driver.

      Monte Abbot, 2nd Place      Jimmy Shum, 3rd Place       Dave Sandiford, 1st Place     

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