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David Sandiford - SVOCA #0038

Peyton Cramer Automotive Group 7-30-2000 - Presented by South Bay Mustang Owners

Another light turn-out for the SVO Class

plate-frame.jpg (26639 bytes)

South end of my North facing SVO. License plate frame reads "Darn! Forgot the Trailer" 1st place.

After several weeks of enjoying summer in the high desert (100+ days and 25mph winds) it wasn't much of a struggle to get the car prepped for a show down near the beach. Leave the house about 6:00 am for a 90 minute drive down to sea level, and let the turbo compress some of that cool, dense air! 

The South Bay Mustang Owners club is comprised of a cross-section of Mustang history.  Being located near the beach, the SBMO shows always have a strong showing of truly stunning Mustang Convertibles.  Around 100 total cars were present, mostly 64~66 and 95-up.  SBMO has been putting on events for a number of years, and their experience showed with a well organized event.

New SVO Owners Mike and Evelyn Koch scored a Second Place Trophy in their first show appearance.  The show prep and detail work was very nice.  Their 1986 2R was formerly owned by long-time SVO enthusiast Ray Edwards, and obviously has found a good home.   The car features polished wheels, a sunroof, Mac exhaust, and a Motorsport head and valve cover. Jimmy Shum got Third Place hardware.  Rumor has it that Jimmy has a garage full of new suspension goodies just waiting for an excuse to get bolted on. 


Cya at the next one!

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