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Winners List

AoE: Award of Excellence

1984 SVO

1st  PLACE Ty Burgin Birmingham,AL Silver
2nd PLACE Mike Pate Bryant,AR Black
3rd  PLACEMike Ray Falls Church, VA repaint Green
AoE  Robert Lachmaier Massillion,OH Canyon Red

1985 SVO

1st PLACE Bud Morton Murfreesboro,TN Sage Green
2nd PLACE Eric Davidson Amelia,OH J. Red
3rd  PLACE Jonathan Guy Thomasville,NC J.Red
AoE Mark Hatfield Booneville,MS White

1985 SVO

1st   PLACE Brian Doerner Princeton,IN Black
2nd PLACE Jon Huber St Louis,MO Canyon Red
3rd  PLACE Don Bishop Royal Oak,MI J.Red
AoE Bill Fairchok Greer,SC Black

1986 SVO 0-60,000 miles

1st   PLACE Ben O’brien Signal Mtn,TN Black
2nd PLACE Bill Hatfield Booneville,MS J.Red
3rd  PLACE Doug Francis Cookville,TN Grey
AoE Jason Bivens McMinville,TN White

1986 SVO 60-90,000 miles

1st  PLACE Bill Fairchok Greer,SC J.Red
2nd PLACE Anthony Thompson Huntington,WV Black
3rd  PLACE Steve Gasich St Louis,MO Black
AoE Ryan Cloud Birmingham,AL C.Red
AoE Paul Becker Pasadena,MD ’93 Cobra Teal

1986 SVO 90,000 plus miles

1st   PLACE Scott Wigginton China Grove,NC Pearl Blue over White
2nd PLACE Chris Hadden McDonough,GA Black
3rd  PLACE John Bacon Ft.Walton Beach,FL White
AoE Mike O’Connor St.Louis,MO Canyon Red
AoE John Basler St louis,MO Black

1993-1995 SVT COBRA

1st PLACE Terry Wall Madison,AL Vibrant Red 1993 Cobra
2nd PLACE Reynold King Cookville,TN Rio Red 1994 Indy Pace Car
3rd PLACE Eddie Wayne Deason Nashville,TN Black 1994 COBRA
AoE Jim Lowrance Tiptonville,AL White 1994 Cobra
AoE David Jones Austin,TX Red 1995 Cobra Coupe

1996-1999 SVT COBRA

1st PLACE Rich Bowden Knoxville,TN Red 1997 Cobra modified
2nd PLACE Dana Scott Canton,Mass White 1996 Cobra Conv.
3rd PLACE Dannie Durham Arab,AL Red 1999 Cobra Coupe
AoE Nick Strish Atlanta,GA White 1996 Cobra Coupe


1st PLACE Matt Rainey St Louis,MO Silver 1999

SALEEN all years

!st PLACE Jerry Guyton Winfield,AL Red 1994 S351 gold graphics
2nd PLACE Dan Garcia Gainsville,GA White 1995 SR351 blk graphics
3rd PLACE Jim Hadden McDonough,GA Red 1988 gold graphics
Lowest Mileage SVO Bill Hatfield 1986 J.Red 9,000 miles
Highest Mileage SVO Chris Hadden 1986 Black 225,000 miles
Long Distance Trailered Clifford Bagley 1986 White Oconto,Nebraska
Long Distance Driven Garrett Polehonka 1985 Silver Yelm,Washington
BEST MODIFIED Scott Wigginton 1986 Blue Pearl over White
BEST OF SHOW Bud Morton 1985 Sage Green Ex-Hertz Rental Car
BEST MODIFIED SVT/SALEEN Rich Bowden Knoxville,TN 1997 SVT Cobra
BEST OF SHOW SVT/SALEEN Reynold King Cookville,TN 1994 Indy Pace Car

corrected 10-14-95

………street mods, requires street tires

Bill Hatfield 50.722 1986 SVO
Mark Hatfield 50.937 1985 SVO
Ty Burgin 48.340 1984 SVO
Chris Hadden 49.417 1986 SVO
Dana Scott 49.309 1996 Cobra Conv
Bud Morton 44.880 1985 SVO Fast Four Qualifier
Dan Garcia 44.079 1995 Saleen SR351 Fast Four Qualifier
Terry Wall 47.670 1993 Cobra
Randall Greer  47.167 1993 Cobra
Jim Hadden 48.630 1988 Saleen
Jim Lowrance 51.670 1994 Cobra Coupe
Eddie Deason 55.057 1994 Cobra Coupe
Donnie Durham 51.642 1999 Cobra Coupe

no mods, can run race tires

Scott Maier 50.256 1985 SVO
Eric Davidson 50.366 1985 SVO
Anthony Davidson 49.689 1985 SVO
Nicole Davidson 53.317 1985 SVO 2nd Place Ladies
Doug Francis 44.124 1986 SVO Fast Four Qualifier
Don Bishop 49.396 1986 SVO

ESP (E-Street Prepared)
suspension mods, race tires, performance mods

Chris Ridgeway 47.112 1986 SVO
Gary Alsobrooks 45.586 1984 SVO
Rich Alvino 45.356 1986 SVO Fast Four Qualifier
Lynette Alsobrooks 49.735 1984 SVO 1st Place Ladies

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