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5th Annual Show Up 'n Show Off

A few familiar faces turn up.

Mike Geddry hiding out under the umbrella, while his 2A shows its stuff.

The SCOASCC show is about Cobras.  From pristine 93 Fox restorations, to late model "built to the tilt" modifieds, and everything in between, this is their show.  Even had 2(!) 2000 Cobra "R's". The location changed this year, to a parking lot at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The SCOASCC has been around for a while, knows how to organize and put on a well run show.

After a good SVO turnout last year (16 cars) , we got 3 competition classes for this event. Stock, Personalized, and Modified. The total this year was only 5, so it's probably back to a single class for next year's event.

Besides the normal cast of characters, (myself, Jimmy Shum, Mike and Evelyn Koch) we had the welcome additions of SVOCA member Mike Geddry, (FoMoCoDoc, for you chatroom inhabitants), Cathy, and his large canine auto theft deterrent. Mike took his original 86 2A for a  5 hour drive down from Santa Maria. Jim Dvorak brought Bob King's 84 9L (apparently fresh from the racetrack, judging by the cord showing through the front tires! Gotta do something about that push, Bob! LOL ).

Thought I'd show some different pictures this month...



Stock Class: 1st Place - Mike Koch, 2nd Place Mike Geddry

Personalized: 1st Place - Bob King, 2nd Place Jimmy Shum

Modified: 1st Place - David Sandiford

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