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Talladega Alabama  September 17, 2000

There is no way that words can describe the fun that people had who attended the event at Talladega. Gary Alsobrooks summed it up about the best as listed below:

Saturday morning attendees awoke to the most awesome day you could have hoped for.  Bud Morton and SVOCA member Chris Ridgeway had started the prep for the days activities. After the cars were teched the group of 'on track' drivers were divided into 3 groups and Bud gave the run-down of rules for the day during a short driver meeting. The first run in each group everyone was great in dialing in their cars, and learning the track, from then on it was awesome. It's pretty awesome to see the enthusiasm that everyone showed, allowing others to drive your car, giving rides, sharing tips, etc.

Thanks to Don Bishop and his co-pilot Kurt for pulling down from Michigan, Mike Flemming for flying in from Arizona and helping with tech-flagging-corner working, Paul Becker and Mike Ray for driving down from Maryland area, Chris Ridgeway for spending the day photographing, Neil Castle (svobubba) for working pit row and running the dually around to drop-off & pick-up infield workers, Joey Dunn for donating the use of the before mentioned dually, the wives for sitting around as we guys played (except Lisa Bergin who for one session proved she can drive with the best of 'em), Tim Graves for the good words of encouragement (the SVOCA is glad to continue the tradition of SVO's at TGPR), Bill and Mark Hatfield for being the most enthusiastic guys to sit your butts in a SVO, and everyone else that made this event go off without ANY problems...once again, showing all the SVO world which club is "for the enthusiast"

Now for what you have all been waiting for..... Pictures and Pictures.... Enjoy !!!!

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SVOCA Member Bill Hatfield

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SVOCA Board Member Paul Becker

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SVOCA Member Chris Hadden

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Bud Morton and Chris Ridgeway working the flag stand

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SVOCA Member Ty Bergin

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SVOCA Member Ryan SVODoc Cloud

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SVOCA Member Mike Hearn

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SVOCA Member Ty Bergin

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Mike Hearn inspecting fuel leak

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James Hadden, 1989 Saleen



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