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Meet England's Don Hardy and his 1985 Mustang SVO 9L

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Don Hardy is pretty much your typical SVO enthusiast. He is 31 single, seems his girlfriend run off with another man, but that's another story!! Don lives alone in a 3 bedroom semi with a small garage. Like many Mustang enthusiasts, Don is employed by Ford and works at the Dagenham England  engine plant where he has been for approx. 5 years. He recently started a new job in the plant, coaching people through the Ford Production System Lean Manufacturing etc

To date, Don has only owned 1 British car an Austin Allegro which caught fire at a "petrol" station, and swore he would never purchase another British car again. He has owned and loved 3rd generation Mustangs since 19.

When asked "How did you acquire your SVO?" Don Replied " I came across my SVO in an unusual way, a friend who is a US car mechanic phoned me one day to ask me why he could not get "ordinary shocks" to fit a Mustang he was working on.When he mentioned it had SVO written on the side,then in 8" high letters, now removed!! I knew it had to be mine! The car wasn't for sale at the time, but when the owner realized the price of the new Konis he decided to sell her to me!"

You may be a bit confused by the Florida plate, so Don explained. "The car originally came from Florida, there is a firm in England that makes up numbered plates to your own specs. The registration is a British one, but, we like to make our cars look a bit more genuine, so we tend to get our own plates made. Here's the bad bit, the British law doesn't allow any modified plates at all so they are in fact illegal. I did get stopped once, but I just told the copper that I was returning from a car show and he let me off with a warning!"

Don's 84 20th Anniversary GT 350 Turbo.


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