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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the registry

It's a database that is used to store information about Mustang SVO's. People enter information about SVO's with the VIN number, and these entries are kept forever. As SVO's change owners, mileage, modifications, colors the registry can keep track of these events (if people enter them). Consider it similar to a CAR-FAX for SVO's only.

How do I edit an entry ?

Registry entries aren't normally edited. The idea is that we track history of specific SVO's by VIN. Instead of editing an entry, we'd like you to add a new one. This should help track the history, milage, owners, and through the description, even things like upgrades and mods.

What should I put in the description section ?

The description section is for on any mods, changes, interesting history, where you found the car, or just to let us know you wanted to add a new entry.  If anything changes with your SVO, just come back and add a new entry with the new info. This is how the SVOCA Registry can give future owners a timeline of when and why things were done.  We've even see some people use the Registry for a maintenance tracking system (oil changes, brake jobs etc), and that's OK!

Other Questions ?

If you have other questions that are not listed here, please email them to the Webmaster  

The below buttons will help you navigate the functions of the registry. SVOCA Club members can access advanced features through the Members central area.

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