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There was a total of 52 SVOs on the reunion field at one time. If you did not attend, you should have! We all had a great time meeting people that we have corresponded with via email and the SVOCA Chat room. br> Comments, in the SVOCA Information Area for people that attended a place to write about their experience at the Reunion '99. 

At the time of the event, we were pretty sure, this was the largest gathering of SVOs at one time, since they left the Ford parking area. We have since been informed by SVOCA member Neil Chirico that this may not be so. Neil was looking through some old magazines and came across an article in the November 1991 issue of The Ford Enthusiast Magazine. It seems that the First Annual Mustang SVO Nationals were held in Ohio that year. The magazine article states total attendance for the weekend was 65 SVO's. Since the article does not state how many cars were on the field at one time, we may never know which event is had the most SVO's on a field at one time. 

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Saturday Show Field

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SVO Intiials at the Tennessee Reunion 99

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