SVO Club Of America

Reunion 2003

October 10-12 2003, Richmond KY

SVOCA Reunion 03 Home

This year, Paul Becker, SVO Club of America Director, and founder gave out awards

1984 0 -99K miles

1st Place Rob Rovers
2nd Place Mike Pate
3rd Place Mark Miller
1984 99K + miles
1st Place
 Jason Leach
2nd Place
 Rob Wagner
3rd Place
 Sean Thoms



1st Place
 John Basler
2nd Place
 David Sloop



1st Place
 John Huber
2nd Place
 Bill &Mark Hatfield
3rd Place
Ken Potter


1986 0 - 50K miles

1st Place
 Ben O'Brien
2nd Place Earl
3rd Place
 Mark Haas
1986 51K - 99K miles
1st Place 
Greg Osborne
2nd Place 
Ted Schaefer
3rd Place 
Larry Davis

1986 100K + miles

1st Place 
Chris Hadden
2nd Place 
Kraig Wahl
3rd Place 
Gator G Gator


Hard-trip award

Jay G

Drove up to get his award, after having power steering problems since arrival


Reunion 2003 Home


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