SVO Club Of America

Reunion 2003

October 10-12 2003, Richmond KY

SVOCA Reunion 03 Home

The hospitality room was a blast this year ...Here are just a few of the things that happened (the rest probably shouldn't be mentioned in public )  Gator got his head shaved, Eric got a special hat, and downpipe for his birthday, the Hubber gang "FOUND" a TV to show videos on -- well you just had to be there!!!


Eric (wearing his birthday hat) receives his present from the club.  A 3 inch downpipe, Special made!! 


Ralph Kingrey tests Eric's "NEW IMPROVED" downpipe. Looks like a high quality item, no crush bends!



Gator MAY have said "if there are more than 50 SVO's, I'll shave my head" -- 


Well, actually, Bud did the trimming


And Andy (being the resident expert) 
gave the shave


And this is what was left.  I tried to sell it on ebay, but the highest bid was only 25 cents


Everyone enjoyed hanging out, and eating pizza, 
even when strange stuff wasn't going on.


Mike Flemming acts like this is the FIRST time 
he has been caught with his hand in the box. 
 In the background, you can see the TV the Hubers 'found'

There were more pics, but most we can't show cause it could be used as evidence

Reunion 2003 Home


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