SVO Club Of America

Reunion 2003

October 10-12 2003, Richmond KY

SVOCA Reunion 03 Home





Jason Leach


Evergreen Turbo

Marion Warren as Bud Congratulates him on winning the new turbo from one of the clubs new sponsors - Evergreen turbo


Rod's Header

Chris Hadden got just what he always wanted!!


Spec Clutch

Gator P. Gator 

You may ask why Gator has his ticket on his tongue, but then I could ask,  why does a dog chase his tail.


$100 off E&G Leather Kits

Todd Goddard 

Jay Griffin


SVPU Reproduction side spats

George KIWI Comesanas 
or was it George Castanza?


MotionDynamics Weather-stripping

Perry Mitchell


Sub-frame connectors (svo1fast4)

David Holubeck


Reunion 2003 Home


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Hospitality Room Awards Prizes


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