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Reunion 2003

October 10-12 2003, Richmond KY

SVOCA Reunion 03 Home

Saturday was SHOW day -- and WOW did we have a show.  We set a new record this year, with  55  total SVO's  -- We have done our best to get pics of most of them!


World renowned rap artist, Grand Master Andy tries a new scratching technique on Angry Bud's head


Everyone had a good time, looking at cars, 
and chatting with fellow owners


Everyone lined up to check out the award winners


This is the pic that nearly got us ARRESTED!



Ty Burgin
 84 1E
Bud Morton
 85 9L
Eric Courtwright
 86 1E
Paul Becker 
86 Custom Teal
Jay G 
84 9L
Mike Ray
 84 Custom Green
Bill Hatfiled 
85.5 2R - T-top
Rob Wagner
86 Custom Blue
Jason Leach 
84 Custom Blue
Kerry Brown
85 Custom Brown
Don Bishop
85.5 2R
Rich Alvino
86 1C
Ryan Cloud
86 2A Cone Decapitator
Jason Nance
84 1C
Gator P Gator
John Basler
Joe P
86 2A
Mark Haas
85.5 Comp prep
Larry Davis
86 9L
Bruce Richards
David Sloop George Comesanas
Derek Hopper Ben O'Brien
Chris Hadden
86 1C
Perry Mitchell
Rob Rovers
84 9W
Kraig Wahl
86 1C
  Jon Huber  
If you have a pic of your car at the 2003 Reunion, send it to the Webmaster, and I'll add it.


Reunion 2003 Home


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